Yoga Etiquette

Our goal for every class is to offer everyone attending a peaceful, quiet and respectful atmosphere to learn and practice Hot Yoga. In order to accomplish this, please read the following:


  • Arrive with plenty of time (First timers – 30 mins before class starts except for 6am class where door only opens 15 mins before class starts)
  • Mobile phones OFF (or put on silent) and leave outside yoga room
  • Shoes OFF at Front Door
  • NO Glass Bottles to be brought into studio
  • Avoid wearing strong perfumes or deodorants. You may shower before class as hygiene in the enclosed yoga room is good etiquette
  • Hydrate well day before and on the day of your practice (at least 2 hours before practice)
  • Go to the toilet before practice to reduce the chances you have to leave the room during the class


  • Only yoga mat, bath sized towel and water (in non glass water bottle) in the yoga room
  • Fill the room from front to back unless you have just returned after a long break from Hot Yoga (e.g. more than 5 day break), so experienced yogis and yoginis can practice closer to the mirror and set the energy for the yoga room.
  • Stay in the room for the whole 90 minutes so that your teacher can assist you and your body can stay acclimatised to the temperature and allow yourself to stay in active meditation
  • Take care of yourself and if you need to rest, please do so and join in when we start a new set / new posture so your fellow yogis are not distracted
  • Only water is allowed in room (No coloured drinks like powerade / staminade or flavoured coconut water which can spill and stain the flotex flooring in the yoga room)
  • Take care not to move too much or drink water whilst the room is in a posture as this will be distracting for your fellow yogis and yoginis. Wait till the posture / set is completed.
  • Use the mirror for focus and alignment and work on your own practice without comparison to your neighbour as everybody’s practice is different everyday
  • If you have an injury or not feeling 100%, please practice in a spot where you will not distract fellow yogis and yoginis
  • No talking (Silence) once yoga practice starts so that everybody can concentrate on their own practice and not be distracted by noise
  • Stillness in between each posture to conserve energy for postures


  • Stay in the yoga room until the teacher leaves the room
  • Silence continues until you leave the yoga room and please leave the room quietly so as not to disturb your fellow yogis and yoginis still in the room after class ends
  • Yoga Mats that have been hired at the studio need to be hung in the mat room and towels must be left in the towel bin next to yoga room exit doors
  • Adhere to studio CLOSE times to allow teacher and/or staff to finish their closing duties quickly and leave on time.