Nancy Perin

I started Bikram yoga practice in July 2012. I was so emotional after my first practise, looking at myself in the Cosmic Mirror, let go and released whatever needed to. I felt revitalised, re-energised and reborn.
I used to enjoy drinking socially. I quit alcohol in August 2013. I quit my full time job in the childcare industry, which was a job for living only. A regular yoga practice has transformed my entire lifestyle. I found my inner peace and experienced mindfulness. Everyday became amazing.
I became a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor in Los Angeles Teacher Training Spring 2014. It’s a tough, challenging and adventurous training. Like an onion peeling layers and layers off me throughout the process to finally see the true me. The 500 hour nine week process was life changing, priceless, witnessing my mind, physical body and spirit being in absolute balance.
Yoga is LIFE!! Yoga is Everything!! It’s a BIG subject, so I love exploring and expanding my knowledge.
I became a certified 200 hours YIN Yoga Teacher in December 2015. I learned the importance of meditation. I was speechless on my graduation day, Absolute Silence, thanking the DIVINE for all the seen and unseen.
Yoga immersion, exploring and trainings will open the doors of “Live more from your Heart is to commit to do so”
Teaching Hot Yoga and Yin Yoga is my full time job. I am very grateful for being able to guide people through their yoga practice and witnessing their transformative journey.