Meagan Bill

Meagan Bill, your Certified Hot Yoga Instructor, came across Hot Yoga in her life whilst she was in Perth studying to become a Personal Trainer. She had always loved being fit, active and living a lifestyle filled with health and wellbeing.

It was January 2009 when a girlfriend of hers heard about Hot Yoga coming to Perth and they decided that they should try it out together. So there there were at the North Perth Studio the day it opened. That 1st class was very challenging but so rewarding. Before she knew it, she was going everyday, instantly addicted. She finished her Personal Training Course and worked as a Personal Trainer while still practicing Hot Yoga, knowing that she wanted to continue having Hot Yoga in my life.

The next step for her was Teacher Training in San Diego (USA) September 2010, with the help from her Bikram family in Perth, she was able to embark on the journey of her life and immerse herself in 9 weeks of intense training mentally and physically. She is now in a beautiful place practicing and teaching what she loves.

Meagan thanks Hot Yoga Perth, Joondalup, Scarborough and Victoria Park for her journey up to this point and of course Bikram Choudhury himself for giving her the opportunity to help myself and so many other people.