Mandi Nelson

Mandi Nelson’s yogic path has spanned some 35years or so ago, when as a child and accomplished gymnast she first picked up a yoga book and began learning asana with her sister. At about the same time they both began exploring the spiritual world, reading and trying out different religions, philosophies and practices seeking deeper understanding of this journey here on Earth. While admittedly she has spent more time off the mat than on, she has found her own ‘truth speak’ from the mat & whenever the journey through this lifetime got a bit confusing she could always find ‘herself’ again back on the mat. ‘Yoga brings me back to me, the truth of who I am on every level”. She has practiced many styles of yoga, iynegar, ashtunga, krishnamachyra, forrest, bikram, vinyasa, yin, kundalini, kriya and her favourite is always the one she is doing right now.

She trained as a teacher in the Purna style of yoga – a hatha based, alignment focussed practice combining breath, meditation, philosophy and asana 2 years ago and is a 500hr internationally qualified Level 2 yoga teacher. She teaches 8 limbs style, breath focussed yoga & facilitates meditation in the northern suburbs of Perth, is a self-confessed spiritual seeker, a healer & spiritual midwife – working transitionally before people pass on, a photographer, videographer, independent film-maker, website designer and humanitarian often working voluntarily on projects close to her heart. (for more info