Hannah Gillette

Hannah Gillette, your Certified Hot Yoga Instructor’s journey started in 2009.
She says: “Hot Yoga is something that I came to love very early on in my practice of yoga”.
Hannah went along to her first class back in 2009 not expecting much, however she was very surprised at how difficult and challenging she found the 90 minute practice. And how good she felt after class but she also totally underestimated the physical and mental strength that is required to get through a Bikram class.
This is exactly why she came to love this yoga.
Even though each class has the same postures, each class can be very different.
Each class presented different challenges for her whether it was a certain posture, keeping a still mind or just trying to stay in the present moment. There is always something for her to work on.

Hannah says “This yoga has given me so much. It’s given me balance, flexibility, strength, determination…the list goes on.”

When she first started to practice Hot Yoga it was all about the physical aspects but after a while she came to realise the mental side of the yoga, the calmness that she felt after class.
She used to suffer from headaches before discovering Hot Yoga but keeping up with a regular Hot Yoga practice has since seen her headaches now become non-existent. She is now a lot more aware of her body and aware of what it needs.
Hannah decided early on that she wanted to teach this yoga so she went to the US in 2011 and completed her teacher training. She has been teaching ever since and loving it.

Being a Bikram teacher has opened Hannah’s eyes to how much this yoga can help people, how this yoga can heal people and she feels very lucky to have found it.