Emma Ford

Emma Ford, your certified Hot Yoga Instructor moved back to Perth in 2009 to pursue her career. She had worked in a corporate environment and found herself parked behind a desk generally 60hours a week slowly feeding poor posture and gradually rounding her shoulders from being hunched over a computer most of her working days. Living as an adult with ADHD some form of energy burning activity has always been an important part of her daily life, but like most things in my life it was hard to maintain her focus or be interested long enough in what she was doing. She had tried everything from running, boot camps, cross fit, various styles of yoga, numerous gym memberships and even attempted swimming laps which to be honest watching grass grow is way more exciting!

Her first Bikram class was in 2010 and still feels like a complete blur. She remembers walking into the studio in long pants & double-layered top thinking this will be a breeze. She had grown up in the tropics (Broome & Darwin) … and so she thought, yoga in a heated room “no worries”… She placed her mat down and after the first set of Pranayama Breathing, remembers feeling a fire in her belly and thinking “I am going to do this one day… I am going to teach this yoga”. By the time “Party Time” had come around, she wondered what the heck she was thinking. She was fidgety, noisy, confused, thirsty, felt embarrassed and too busy looking at everyone else. Finally the longest 90 minutes of her life was over and she walked out of the door and didn’t walk back into the room until 2 years later.

The more she practiced Hot Yoga, the more she started to notice the things she had struggled with her whole life were starting to change. She became more focused, organized & was actually EARLY to appointments. She was able to control her mouth from saying inappropriate things at inappropriate times. She could sleep through the night without waking up and also became less fidgety & restless. NOW she can sit through a whole movie!

Graduating from Teacher Training in Spring 2013, has been by far one of Emma’s greatest achievements; the greatest part being that the journey has only just begun. Emma says :”I have been very lucky to be very warmly welcomed into the Hot Yoga Vic Park Yoga Family” and am looking forward to sharing my journey and seeing your “Happy Smiley Face “ in the hot room.

“Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river” – Lao Tzu