Claire McAteer

I had been thinking about attending a Bikram class for a while but it wasn’t until I met my partner who had a family member who was a Bikram yoga teacher that really gave me the push I needed to attend. I remember avoiding practicing in her classes for the first couple of months because I wanted to be ‘perfect’ by the time I attended her class. I am a very competitive person by nature and one of the greatest lessons I’ve had the blessing of learning through yoga is that it is not a race, once you step into the hot room everyones’ ego gets left at the door. My hardest learning was that I will never be perfect in every posture, but the journey I take to get deeper into the pose is why I attend. After graduating from University I now work in the Travel industry. The overriding sense of community I feel when I am at the studio was a big part of wanting to teach Core+ Hot Pilates, which I did in June 2016 and I have never looked back. Namaste