Casey Campbell

Casey Campbell, your Certified Hot Yoga Instructors journey started in 2013 when she set off on an overseas adventure that would take her through Arizona and Playa del Carmen.

Casey said ” I fell in love with the yoga back in 2011 but my practice was inconsistent. So as soon as I found a studio in Arizona the spark was re-lit inside me and I practiced everyday, that’s when I first felt the passion and desire to become a teacher.”

She then moved to Playa del Carmen, mexico. A tropical paradise and the perfect place to carry on with her bikram journey. Casey found one little studio just down the road from her villa, to which she thought would be perfect for her to carry on with her practice. But sadly after a month they closed down. So she bought herself Bikrams cd and a heater and practiced twice daily from her room in her villa. Casey said “Not the ideal space but all part of the journey that lead me to teacher training in Thailand Fall 2014.”

Casey says “Hot Yoga is my release where I can come and shut off the world for 90 minuets and just focus on either my practice or share my energy teaching. Each class is never the same, the feeling you get both mentally and physically from being able to push your body and mind harder and harder. The constant desire to profect each posture in every class. It’s addictive and I feel very blessed to be able to practice and teach Hot Yoga to you all.