I started practicing Hot Yoga in 2012, having never consistently done any form of exercise and after six years of working at an office desk. My first class was torture. It was too hot and humid. Every muscle and joint was painfully rigid. I was literally drowning in my own sweat. The room smelt like feet. After class I vowed that I would never return. Thankfully though several days later I gave it another go and before I knew it I was addicted to the practice. This yoga transformed my life inside and out. Being a lawyer and prone to anxiety and rumination I found balance and the ability to disengage my mind. I also relished the personal challenge of achieving proper form and depth in each posture. This led to competing in the 2014 World Yoga Asana Championship after qualifying first place in WA Regionals and second place in the Australian National competition. The next step for me was teacher training. I wanted to evolve not only as a practitioner but to help others to discover the therapy and healing power of this yoga. I graduated from the Raja Yoga Academy Teacher Training inaugural class in May 2016 and have started on a new journey altogether. Look forward to seeing you on the mat!